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What does it mean to be Scottish

What does it mean to be Scottish

What is that allusive Scottishness?

We Scots like to think we are the world’s natural explores and creative inventors, after all we do move from Scotland and can be found living all over the world and monuments exist in the most bizarre places dedicated to one Scot or another who did something particularly noteworthy.  Recently, the Scottish Husband and I stumbled across a monument to Rabbie Burns in Fredericton, NB in Canada. I’m not sure he had ever been to Fredericton or to many of the other places one may find his statue, but he has very definitely …. Got around!

Here he is again in Central Park in New York, albeit a bit snowy!

Regardless of where we end up, we all have something in common, that deep connection to our Scottish roots that is reflected in different aspects of our lives.

So what is it?  That Scottishness?   Is it the accents? There are so many even we Scots may struggle to work out exactly where one person may be from.  Is it in our heritage, that many hundreds of years of history has provided? Perhaps it’s in the rich scenery, or the ever changing weather?  It is not tangible yet it does exist. Scotland has a romance all of its own and we all want a wee piece of it.

Contemporary Scottish designers have been busy capturing the essence of Scotland and slipping it into their products with that certain ‘Je ne sais quoi’, to borrow from the French.  Iconic images are portrayed in a special way to secure a little of this romance. From tea towels to aprons, hand painted tiles and scatter cushions, you can see a gorgeous highland cow popping his hairy head up to say hello.  Scotland’s Sheep are busy too, providing the wool to weave The beautiful ‘Big Cloth’ Harris Tweed with its stunning colors, still only woven in the Outer Hebrides, has been re-vamped to produce the most luxurious accessories, clothing and art work reflecting 2016 Scotland.  Even Scottish candles made from natural soy are capturing the lovely scent of the ‘Bluebells in Spring’ or of ‘Blooming Heather’ & “Wild Raspberry’ to name drop just a few.


Once again Scots are on the move!  We are working hard on that Bridge Across the Atlantic to share a wee bit more of our musings of Scotland and stories from our lovely independent Scottish designers with you.  I don’t know about you… I love living here in the Northeast but there are times when I miss Scotland. It makes me happy to see a little highland sheep tile hanging on my dining room wall.

I love my wee bit of fabulousness that is my Harris Tweed Handbag, and to know I can stay snug and warm under a 100% Scottish wool cowl that was hand woven in Ayrshire.  It all brings just that wee bit of Scottishness that I miss and makes me feel at home.


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