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What about this weather?

What about this weather?

The weather recently on the East Coast of America has us reminded of home. We Scots call this type of weather 'dreich', and for those of us who love a wee Scots word, dreich means damp, wet and grey weather. Just blah. This photo above is of Eli in Fife, on the East Coast of Scotland, right after the rain... and perhaps more to come.

Although the wet weather should normally be snow around this time of year, we are reminded how lucky we are with the climate across the sea from Scotland. And yet, Scotland remains as beautiful as ever due to all the rain and stormy days. As a result, Scotland's rich landscape is colorful and alive, from the coastline to the countryside, the flowers and the wildlife, even when it is dreich... Scotland is full of romance and mysticism.

Thanks to the weather, the  views of Scotland's landscape are ever changing, and many Scottish artists take their inspiration from this rich backdrop. One of our favorite artists, Cath Waters, Scotland's award winning Artist, has managed to capture the dramatic beauty of Scotland perfectly in her Scottish prints. She reminds us that the harsh weather and bleak conditions contributes to such unique and stunning views.


There is something romantic about the weather, which has been captured so well in the Diana Gabaldon series 'Outlander', set in the 18th Century. Today in 2020, little has changed, Scotland is simply beautiful regardless of whether it is in the middle of a rainstorm or basking in sunshine!

So, as we have a wee moan at the winter weather, and cozy up with a cup of tea, we wonder what dreich weather from home is inspiring our artists palatte today... what mystical colors are being created, and what part of Scotland will be brought to life in the next painting of our beautiful country.

Cath Waters works and lives in Skye, so when you next visit Scotland, make sure you visit.

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