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Our Story

Hello and welcome to Scottish Creations

We are a family business, a Scottish family through and through. Most of us, were born and raised in Glasgow, except my children who were born and raised in Linlithgow. We have got about a bit though and moved from country to country as us Scots do, but our family always took Scotland with it. As my Mum will tell you… “the Scots become more Scottish when they move away from home, and the longer they are away, the more Scottish they become”. It certainly seems that way, certainly for our family. Having lived in Scotland, England, Canada and now the USA, our family is a bit like the United Nations, spread all over the globe. 

Scotland is never far away and here in North America, there are fantastic Scottish events and Highland Games right across the US and Canada. It is lovely to see kilts and Highland Dress, and all the traditional items for sale. However, what I didn’t see was the wonderful creative talent that has emerged in Scotland in recent years. I am intensely proud of Scotland, our rich innovative culture and the people with their sense of humor. There are so many talented creative individuals, often based in some of the most remote parts of Scotland and the Islands, setting themselves up as small independent companies producing wonderful quality Scottish products.


One of Scotland’s fabulous products is  Harris Tweed. We know it as the ’Big Cloth’  as it will last forever. The best bit is that it is only made in the Outer Hebrides in Scotland, the Isle of Harris & the Isle of Uist. Having a government order protecting it, it can’t be made anywhere else in the world!  What a wonderful heritage! Many Scottish designers use Harris Tweed to create some amazing items that we Scots now incorporate into our daily lives. It bothered me that I didn’t see any of these superb products here in the US or in Canada. It felt like a part of Scotland was missing.


Knowing it would be difficult for a small independent designers to break into the North American market, since they would be up against the huge more established companies, we decided to start an online business with the main aim of supporting these individual and small family businesses, to offer them a chance to showcase their products in North America. At the same time, offering a chance for Americans and Canadians to connect directly with their Scottish Heritage in a more contemporary way ultimately often supporting the small towns and villages that their ancestors originated from.

In 2015... Scottish Creations was born.

Keeping it all in the family, Hilary is our founder and you will find her busy working with customers here in North America and designers across Scotland. 
Bob is Scottish Creations favorite business consultant. You will find him happily chatting away at the Highland Games to everyone who visits our tent!  Among his many voluntary activities, Bob is also the voice of the New York Tartan Day Parade and past President of the New Hampshire Highland Game.


There is certainly plenty to do in Scottish Creations and luckily, we have 5 daughters and one son between us. Whether they are being models for some of our lovely shawls, cowls and scarves, giving marketing advice, or helping at the Highland Games... we make sure they are all involved.

We even have our Scottish Grannie always on the lookout for new products and she regularly goes to the Scottish trade fair in Glasgow to make sure we haven’t missed anything.

Being intensely proud of our Scottish heritage we are continuing what my parents did all those years ago, making sure that Scotland doesn’t stay in Scotland! And as my Mum says, we are very definitely, Scots becoming even more Scottish once they leave Scotland!


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